Blood Bowl & the Exiles

The local Blood Bowl league, predominantly run, overseen and protected by Husbit, is known as the Exiles due to the number of times we had to find a new venue as Games Workshop slowly withdrew support for the game. We now mostly play by meeting at each other's houses, but are a friendly bunch and if you want to join us we'll do our best to make you welcome!

As well as the league, Husbit runs two annual tournaments - the Open in September and the specialised 'SpeedBowl' in June. SpeedBowl arrived because Husbit has a reputation for playing fast, and strict two minute turns are enforced to ensure a full weekend's worth of games can fit in one day. For new players, I'd recommend joining us at the Open rather than jumping in the deep end for SpeedBowl - it's exhausting. (Actually, Glowworm's Crumb Bowl is a one-day tournament specifically designed to encourage new players. It's in the Swindon area - the official NAF report is here.)

The Exiles also supports other games, gaming and geekery, but Blood Bowl is the bit closest to my heart.


Amazons The Amaze-Zings
Halfling Shin Kickers.


Since starting this blog, I've attended several tournaments. From October 2014, I've not been able to go to as many because I've started an OU course and severely reduced my free time. Still, here are the write-ups of the tournaments I have made it to since April 2014.

Bubba Bowl 2014,
Crumb Bowl 2014, 2015,
NAF Championships 2014,
Exiles SpeedBowl 2014,
Cake Bowl 2014,
Gert Bowl 2014,
Exiles Open 2014,
ARBBL Pick'n'Mix 2014 Day One / Day Two,
World Cup 2015 Day One / Day Two / Day Three


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